There probably isn’t a person alive who hasn’t come home from a stressful day, sat down on the coach and disappeared inside their head with a blistering headache and a sweltering distaste for everything work related. So ask yourself, how often does this feeling occur? If it is every week then you certainly have company and everybody can relate one way or the other. This sounds like a classic case of job burnout but the question you have to ask yourself is, what are you going to do about it?

Recent studies have cited that 4 in every five people suffer from job burnout at some point in their life. The research also mentioned that 86% of millennials have made reports that they have dealt with burnout at work.

Burnout stress is a totally different kind of stress, because when you suffer that kind of stress from work, the consequences can actually be dangerous. The reason why job burnout presents itself as something entirely different than any other traditional stresses is because it is the perfect blend of physical, mental and emotional stress. This particular type of stress also has more likelihood of heading in the direction of alcohol abuse, insomnia, high cholesterol and depression.

Stop Assuming More Than You Can Do

These same studies also have pointed out that those who multi-task really aren’t rewarded and when it is activated it can lead to draining ones energy and of course that leads the person smack-dab into the bulls-eye of job burnout. Also, one of the most pivotal keys is to do your best to set time aside in order to have quality production time. Then, try to stray away from distractions like the web and even overly chatty co-workers who somehow always forget they happen to be on the job.

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Try Taking it Easy for a Few

Make time for both mental and physical breaks and with the types of jobs that entail mundane, repetitive tasks, it becomes even more imperative. It is better that way because if you don’t, job burnout will lead to a person giving up on the job altogether.

Give Credit Where Credit is due

A true symptom of job burnout is when a person becomes cynical and they simply cannot muster any desire or satisfaction for their job. If this so happens to be you, take a second to congratulate yourself and tell yourself that you are doing a great job. Take some time nightly to jot down a list of everything positive that you have done that day. If in the event that you are suffering burnout due to the lack of appreciation from your co-workers then the thing to do, is to do it yourself.

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