Burnout is a kind of job stress that is often common with career people classified as high-achievers. It often leads to both physical and emotional fatigue which is harmful to one’s health. Most people who are at the peak of their careers are often extremely passionate about their jobs and since they are over-confident in what they do, it never occurs to them that they could experience burnout.

They therefore never watch out for any signs of burnout and instead continue increasing the pressure on themselves to achieve higher than they currently have. It is possible to spot a burnout in advance and take the necessary action. Some of the symptoms are as follows:-

Losing Enjoyment

In the beginning the loss of work enjoyment is mild, you might feel like not going to work and being very eager to go home at the end of the day . Sometimes you might find yourself looking at the clock wondering when the day will come to an end or frequently calling in “sick”. Failure to deal with this loss of enjoyment at the workplace might result in its extension to other major areas of your life such as relationships and so on.

Isolating Oneself

You will at first feel a mild resistance when it comes to wanting to socialize. You might do things like, not wanting to go to lunch in order to avoid people or occasionally closing your door to keep people out. You might also find yourself coming in early or leaving late in order to avoid interacting with people. This feeling of wanting to isolate yourself usually comes from you feeling disconnected from your work environment. When not dealt with, this symptom might develop to stages where you have anger outbursts when anyone tries to simply speak to you

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Poor Performance At Work

You might be putting in long hours at work but find yourself stressed and not as productive as you were before. This feeling might result in non-completion of projects and an endless list of things to do. If you find yourself not making any progress when it comes to being productive, that is a very major symptom of burnout.

Increased Irritability

This too starts as mild irritability that usually comes about from feeling unimportant, ineffective and simply useless. Irritability often times jeopardizes professional and personal relationships. When not dealt with it has been known to destroy careers and relationships completely.

Lack Of Concentration

It starts as mild forgetfulness, a lack of focus on tasks at hand and then later it develops to a stage where you actually can’t get anything accomplished. This results in a pile-up of work which will never be done.


Having poor sleep patterns with most of the nights spent awake is another major symptom. You will find yourself very exhausted and despite that you will not be able to sleep.

There are more symptoms of burnout but the above are some of the major ones. As soon as you can manage the stressors causing them and if you have to, simply quit the job or career and look elsewhere for more interesting opportunities.

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